Brakes & Brake Pads

A brake inspection pinpoints problems that can be remedied to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Be Proactive When it Comes to Brakes

Too many people wait until their brakes malfunction and then bring their car into the shop. If you wait too long, you will put your vehicle as well as yourself and your loved ones in harm’s way. Here are some red flags that indicate your brakes need to be assessed and fixed by Nissan of Cool Springs’ automotive professionals:

  • If you notice any noises coming from your brakes or find it difficult to stop, bring your car to Nissan of Cool Springs right away
  • Any sort of squealing, grinding or a spongy underfoot when the brake is applied is cause for concern
  • Faulty brakes sometimes cause the vehicle to pull to one side as you apply pressure to the brake pedal
  • An airy feel when pressing the brake is a sign that the rotors have been damaged and/or harmful air bubbles are in the brake fluid
  • Vibrations that occur after pressing the bake pedal are an indication that the brake pads or brake fluid require attention
  • The brake light illuminates on your dashboard, making it clear that your brakes need professional attention
  • The illumination of the yellow light on the dashboard is an indication there is a problem with your anti-lock brake system

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Even if your vehicle’s brakes aren’t making noise, it is in your best interest to have the brakes checked out by Nissan of Cool Springs on a regular basis. A brake inspection allows our technicians to take a close look at the brakes and pads as well as the brake fluid. We’ll remedy any existing issue before it becomes a costlier and more dangerous problem. Keep in mind that even the best drivers in the world can benefit from a routine brake inspection. The bottom line is you can’t predict the actions of other drivers. Your best line of defense is brakes that are in tip-top shape.

The Basics of Your Vehicle’s Braking System

Brake Pads
Brake pads consist of a friction material along with a steel backing. As you apply pressure to the brakes, this friction material contacts the brake disc to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. The friction material eventually wears down. If the brake pads are not replaced before the material wears away, steel backing grinds away at the brake disc and can ultimately result in expensive repairs. Bring your vehicle to Nissan of Cool Springs for a routine inspection so we can spot such wear and replace your brake pads as necessary.
Brake Discs
Also known as rotors, brake discs will wear down over time. If you notice that your vehicle vibrates when you press the brakes or if you have to press harder to brake, your brake discs are likely worn. Let our brake gurus inspect your brake system. We will measure the thickness of your vehicle’s brake discs and replace them if necessary.
Brake Fluid
Change your vehicle’s brake fluid as recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to change the brake fluid as advised to prevent harmful particles from finding their way into the fluid as time progresses. These particles and/or the absorption of water can cause seals/pistons to malfunction, leading to lengthier stopping distances.

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