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Never compromise on tires! Lives depend on how well they grip the road, especially when it’s wet; that’s why you need to know they’re in top condition.

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Nissan of Cool Springs offers a full range of tire inspection, maintenance and replacement services.


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Is it time to replace my tires?

There is no set schedule as to when to replace the tires on your vehicle. You can expect that your tires will last between 20,000 and 40,000 miles according to most tire manufacturers. If you purchase tires that are cheaply made, they may not last as long. When you drive on uneven or rough surfaces frequently, this can also cause your tires to wear down faster. Tires that are manufactured out of soft rubber or called highway tires, wear down more quickly.

When should I have my tires aligned?

The alignment of your tires should be checked when you purchase new tires. If the old tires on your vehicle have worn unevenly, there is probably an issue with the alignment of your vehicle.

What will happen to indicate I need new tires?

If your low pressure indicator light continually goes on, or if your tires are showing signs of uneven wear, you may need new ones. Look at the small tire wear bars on your tires to see how worn they are. If the wear bars have become small bumps, you probably need new tires.

How do I know what tires to buy?

If you aren’t sure what tires to buy, simply ask our trained technician who knows what tires will work perfectly with your vehicle.

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